Wholesale Info provides Wholesale and Bulk Discount Pricing programs to qualifying clients that meet our Wholesale Account requirements.

Here are our Wholesale Account requirements:

  1. An actual business entity with a shop, website, or both:
    • Retail store or shop owner
    • Website or Online Store
    • Ebay resellers are not qualified
  2. First order after account is set up must be $1000 US Dollars
  3. Minimum purchase amount of $500 US Dollars per order after first order.
  4. Pay orders in full before shipping.

Benefits of the Wholesale Program

  1. Access to the hot and hard to find items through a stable supplier of products
  2. Enjoy the most valuable products that gain value as time progresses
  3. Remarkable room for huge profits at a low minimum cost
  4. Convenient online ordering and customer service
  5. International customers are welcome. We ship worldwide!

Getting Started: Applying for a Wholesale Account

  1. Register Free for a account
  2. Indicate your Company Name and Tax ID number
  3. Check the "Yes" box for Wholesale Account
  4. Enter your Business Permit and State and ID Number, if any
  5. Your application will be reviewed and processed within 2 business days

For questions and inquiries, please feel free to contact us. Click here.