Transformers RID Car Robots C-027 Brave Maximus

Transformers RID Car Robots C-027 Brave Maximus

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Sono King/Takara C-027 Transformers: Car Robots C-027 Brave Maximus. This item is brand new and factory sealed. With the Transformers back at full force after the Beast Wars, Transformers went back to their roots in the follow-up line aptly named, Car Robots, better known in the US as RID, Robots in Diguise.

One of the most popular and most sought after toy of the entire Transformers toyline franchise, Fortress (Fortress Maximus in the US), is spiritually brought back into the Car Robots timeline as Brave Maximus. In Car Robots, Brave Maximus was hidden on Earth in order to protect the planet, slumbering beneath its surface, with the assorted keys to his re-awakening scattered across the globe. Brave Maximus is a redeco of the original Transformers G1 Headmaster Fortress toy with his two Headmasters, Brave and Plasma. Brave (known as the Emissary in RID) is the Headmaster to Brave Maximus and Plasma (known as Cerebros in RID) is the Headmaster to Brave. Brave Maximus is manufactured by Takara but was released in Korea under Sono King. This is an exact duplicate of the Takara version of the toy and IS NOT A KNOCK-OFF. Brave Maximus is ready to stop the Destrongers and their evil plans in his huge robot mode, City mode, and his battleship/battlestation mode. Brave Maximus includes many accessories including his two Headmasters, cannons, weapons, satellite, and other fun features. Get your hands on one of the rarest gems in the Transformers toyline ever and be one of the most envied Transformers collector ever.

C-027 (C-027) Car Robots Brave Maximus features:

  • Headmaster Robot mode
  • Headmaster Brave (for Brave Maximus)
  • Headmaster Plasma (for Brave)
  • Battleship/Battlestation mode
  • City mode
  • Lots of accessories
  • Robot mode stands 12" high
  • Profile card

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